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Meet Anke van Wyk, an accomplished photographer renowned for her expertise in capturing the essence of equines, pets, and their devoted owners. Based in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, her artistic vision transcends borders, serving clients across South Africa and beyond.

Anke's professional photographer journey began in 2006, contributing to esteemed international stock agencies. Her thousands of captivating royalty-free images have been embraced by global designers, resonating with diverse audiences worldwide.

Driven by the electrifying spirit of Ironman SA events, Anke unearthed her passion for dynamic sports photography. She's an integral part of the Sportograf team, previously associated with Finisherpix, and contributes her keen eye to ActionPhotoSA. As the primary official photographer for equestrian events at the Port Elizabeth Riding Club (PERC) and Sunshine Coast Eventing (SCE), Anke's exceptional talent was recognized with the "Photographer of the Year" award in 2017, 2019, and 2022 by the Eastern Cape Show Jumping committee.

Anke's genuine affection for both people and animals emanates through her captivating private shoots, where she effortlessly freezes those cherished "soul moments" in time. Whether it's a commercial shoot involving people and animals or a private session, Anke stands poised to transform moments into timeless memories with her lens.

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